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Supplier Resources

Welcome to the Mainspring Supplier Portal. In the fast-growing global energy technology industry, Mainspring is working to build a supply chain that is agile, resilient, sustainable, and efficient. Please download our Global Supplier Manual to learn more.


Mainspring is committed to maintaining stringent quality standards in every aspect of our operations and to delivering safe, reliable and high quality products and services on schedule. Quality is a shared value at Mainspring among all stakeholders, including our suppliers. We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and expect our suppliers to do the same, in order to uphold this level of excellence for our customers and products. 


Mainspring’s vision is to accelerate the transition to the zero carbon electric grid. In pursuing this vision, we have a responsibility to continually reduce our impact on the environment and increase sustainability within all operations of our company. We expect our suppliers to be accountable for implementing sustainable practices and following all applicable guidelines and regulations. 

Human Rights

At Mainspring, we recognize that all people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We are committed to upholding the established United Nations human rights standards. We stand against any behavior that contributes to, participates in, or enables the use of forced or exploited labor, forced or exploitative conditions, or human trafficking. Our work environment supports and respects the essential rights of all people.


Mainspring conducts business ethically, honestly, and in compliance with the law. Upholding our code of ethics is core to maintaining the trust of our stakeholders and to the success of our business. We work with suppliers who uphold this same ethical code of conduct entirely and with full transparency.