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Low-Cost, Reliable, Clean Power For Commercial & Industrial Businesses

Mainspring Linear Generators flexibly operate to meet optimal cost savings, sustainability, and resiliency needs. Full dispatchability and dynamic fuel switching enable C&I customers to meet their operating goals today and in the future.

Wide range of uses to meet power generation needs

  • 24/7 prime power,

  • Onsite solar firming

  • Resilient power when grids are down

  • Peak-load shaving for demand charge reduction

  • Economic dispatch based on tariff or real-time pricing

  • Can be deployed where the electric grid is not available

Customer Challenges We Address

ResilienceMaintaining business operations
  1. Reduce business impacts due to grid outages
  2. Reduce inventory or productivity losses
  3. Resilience with revenue generation
Emissions & Carbon
Emissions & CarbonAchieving sustainability goals
  1. Lower carbon emissions
  2. Reduce or eliminate carbon and NOx emissions
  3. Increase compliance control and predictability
Cost Savings
Cost SavingsDriving economic value
  1. Lower energy costs
  2. Increase predictability and control
  3. Reduce exposure to utility rate risk
SpeedPowering sites faster than utility
  1. Faster power than waiting on utility upgrades
  2. Clean resilience following utility interconnection
  3. Fuel flexibility to meet cost & sustainability goals

“Mainspring's technology helps to support our move to net zero carbon energy. Mainspring generators improve energy independence and buffer our growing use of solar power, while offering the potential future use of zero carbon fuels like green hydrogen and others.”

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Chris Thurston
Head of Renewable Energy Projects
Lineage Logistics

Energy Project Success & Resources

Mainspring customers are achieving fast deployment of new capacity, cost savings, reduced emissions, increased resilience, and other essential benefits.

Utility-scale Power in the Size of a Parking Space

Fast, modular installation
Low maintenance
Easy to permit due to low emissions
Scalable to meet power needs
Fuel flexible

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Product Specifications

“For C&I customers seeking behind-the-meter solutions for energy cost savings, carbon savings, and added resiliency, linear generators offer clear advantages compared with other DER options.”

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Easy Integration with Onsite Solar

The full dispatchability of Mainspring products allows them to easily integrate with onsite solar and energy storage, while following and matching power output with building demand. Linear Generators ramp up when solar is not available and ramp down to optimize use of the renewables when they’re actively producing. In many cases, a large rooftop solar array, tracked and firmed by Mainspring products, can cover the entire power needs of a facility. Excess solar produced can be exported to the grid.

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“Mainspring’s linear generator technology has allowed our business to manage electricity expenses better and lower its carbon footprint. We have already begun adopting this technology at other locations to expand this program.”

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Jeff Guth
Regional Director, Construction
The Kroger Co.

Resilient Power Ensures Business Continuity

Operate flexibly with and without grid power
Grid On

Grid parallel operation in prime, demand-following, and peak shaving modes with the same project. Run any mode, anytime.

Capable of accepting full load from grid-parallel or standby in 10 seconds

Grid Off

Grid-forming/islanded operation provides power when the grid is down and can seamlessly transfer back to grid-parallel.