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Cost-Competitive, Low Emission Power Generation for Energy Operations

Continuous 24/7 electrification without grid access in all weather conditions, in a low emission – near zero NOx – dispatchable, fuel-flexible solution.

  1. Prime power/emissions compliance for remote oil and gas operations
  2. Waste gas utilization for regulatory compliance and to offset electricity costs

Customer Challenges We Address

EmissionsHigh efficiency, near-zero NOx
  1. Meets regulatory compliance requirements
  2. Advances corporate sustainability goals
ResilienceMaintaining business operations
  1. Remote, islanded 24/7 power
  2. Uninterrupted power supply in extreme conditions
CostBest-in-class total cost of ownership
  1. Drives economic value
  2. Ability to run on the cheapest and/or cleanest fuels available
ScaleModular configuration
  1. Supports operations of any size
  2. Cost effective solution to achieve high availability

Unmatched Fuel Flexibility

Able to run on a broad spectrum of gas compositions

Dynamically switches fuel types via software, without retrofit

Utilizes waste gas for compliance and cost savings

Can run directly off of reservoir gas with minimal cleanup to electrify plant operations

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Field-proven, Uninterrupted Power Delivery in Extreme Conditions



Vero Beach, FL
Event: Category 4 hurricane
Duration: 3 days
Outcome: Uninterrupted operation


Extreme Heat

Multiple locations, CA
Event: 109°F heat
Duration: 2 days
Outcome: Uninterrupted operation


Extreme Cold

Fargo, ND
Event: Cold weather testing
Duration: Intermittent testing
Outcome: Reliable start at -10°F,
successful runtime down to -20°F