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Future-Proof Power for Data Centers

Data center owners and operators need clean, onsite, resilient, and dispatchable products to bring facilities online today. They also require sustainable resilience solutions to ensure their critical operations stay online long term, without risk of having expensive stranded assets in the future.

Mainspring Linear Generators Solve Capacity Issues Today, With Tomorrow In Mind

SpeedRapidly deployable to address today's grid constraints
  1. Ability to run prime power w/ low TCO without the need for backup generators
  2. Low emissions expedites air permitting
ResilienceReliable onsite power delivering high uptime
  1. Modular design enables low cost redundancy
  2. Fuel flexibility supports multiple fuel sources, increasing reliability
SustainabilityFuel-flexible to run zero carbon fuels
  1. Hydrogen and ammonia-ready
  2. Pair with renewables & BESS to provide 7x24x365 carbon-free energy
ScaleNear-zero NOx enables permitting of larger data center builds
  1. Significantly reduced or eliminated emissions-based runtime restrictions
  2. More than 25 times lower NOx emissions than diesel Tier 4 Final (T4F) gensets

Flexibility for Data Center Operators in a Fast-Changing World

Any Fuel.
Switch any time for carbon/reliability goals

Any Duty Cycle.
Run prime or backup power, or switch between modes

Any Scale.
Right-size and augment in time as load grows

Modular, moveable. Easy to permit, install, and interconnect

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Product Specifications

“Data center providers are looking to Mainspring to help solve their power availability problems while meeting their sustainability goals. Our products are ready to run hydrogen and ammonia today, giving peace of mind and a path forward to invest in the future of data centers.”

Adam Simpson
Chief Product Officer


Mainspring customers are achieving fast deployment of new capacity, cost savings, reduced emissions, increased resilience, and other essential benefits.

“Hyperscale capacity demand will continue to increase to support new AI & cloud infrastructure.  Prime power generation can provide a solution to restricted markets for customers with tight timeframes for deployment.  Linear generators low-to-near zero emissions will pass regulatory mandates and restrictions being adopted to move toward a net-zero carbon footprint.“

Senior Executive

Co-location data center

Rapidly Deployed Onsite Power

Speed matters. For a 100 MW data center, assuming US$150,000/MW of revenue per month (CBRE), three years of delay translates to over US$500M in lost revenue. With straightforward permitting and streamlined interconnection, Mainspring Linear Generators offer a fast track to bringing facilities online when utility power is not available. The technology’s near-zero NOx emissions allow for new facilities to be permitted at even larger scale. When grid power eventually becomes available, the products can transition to serve as clean, resilient backup power generation, unlike non-dispatchable technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells, which are always on.

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Clean, Resilient Backup

Diesel generator technology is a primary contributor to data center scope one emissions, making new facilities increasingly hard to permit due to high levels of NOx, CO, and PM. Mainspring’s low emissions profile can enable data centers to build larger facilities and reduce runtime restrictions. This, along with the product’s ability to switch dynamically between clean fuels like hydrogen and ammonia, provides reliable backup for long duration outages while allowing owners to meet their sustainability goals.

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Zero Carbon Energy 24x7x365

Obtaining carbon-free energy every hour, every day is challenging for data center operators who have committed to zero carbon 24x7x365. The dispatchability of the Mainspring Linear Generator and ability to run on zero carbon fuels makes it an ideal complement for intermittent renewables, allowing for carbon-free energy that matches data center load in real time.

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Mainspring at DCD Connect | VA

Mainspring’s Brent Ness describes a data center use-case scenario at DCD Connect Virginia. The customer looks to rapidly deploy 24 MW of new baseload capacity, while retaining the flexibility to later use the power as incremental baseload capacity in parallel with the grid or as resilient backup on zero-carbon hydrogen.