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Local power generation for the zero carbon future

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The Mainspring Linear Generator. Affordable. Reliable. Clean.

Fuel-flexible, dispatchable power, saving cost and carbon today and accelerating the transition to the net-zero carbon electric grid.


“Many commercial and industrial customers as well as utilities want clean, reliable power generation, with the capability to switch to 100% renewable fuels like biogas and hydrogen as they become available. Mainspring is able to integrate clean onsite generation with both renewables and the grid and we're pleased to support bringing this innovative product to market.“

NextEra Energy President and CEO John Ketchum

Linear Generator Technology Designed From First Principles

A fundamentally new power generation technology designed for high efficiency, low cost, and ultimate flexibility.

Flexibility on the Path to Net-Zero Carbon

At Mainspring we believe the fastest path to the net-zero carbon grid is vastly increasing the amount of solar and wind power while building a supporting clean energy system that ensures affordability and multi-day resiliency. Getting there requires flexible new onsite technologies that can adapt to the shifting grid landscape – including the transition from natural gas to renewable fuels like biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen.

The Mainspring Linear Generator delivers an unmatched level of flexibility for the transition ahead. It’s distributed so you can site where power is needed, it’s dispatchable so you can ramp up and down to complement renewables and energy storage, and it’s fuel-flexible so you can operate on the cleanest fuels available today and in the future. Our products are already at work at Fortune 500 customer sites, accelerating the arrival of the net-zero carbon grid.

Working at Mainspring

Mainspring is solving essential problems every day with a diverse, talented team of individuals who share our vision to address the growing threat of climate change and the need for affordable electricity for all.


Mainspring Energy is proud to be recognized for our award-winning innovations in power generation and for our contributions to the clean energy industry.