Technology Features

Breakthrough design and adaptive control software enable an unprecedented combination of features and benefits.
Product specifications
  • High Efficiency

    Direct conversion of linear motion into electricity

    Mainspring’s linear generator is designed to enable high expansion of reacted gases and to electrically control the conversion of linear motion directly into electricity. High expansion allows for maximum extraction of reaction energy, and direct conversion eliminates mechanical losses — combining to enable high efficiency operation across all power output levels from 0 to 100%.

  • Near-Zero NOx Emissions

    Low-temperature reaction without a flame

    Mainspring’s linear generator uses a low-temperature, uniform reaction that maintains peak temperatures below the levels in which NOx forms (1500°C), resulting in near-zero NOx emissions. This is in contrast to the burning of a fuel with a flame, which creates high temperatures and high NOx emissions.

  • Fuel Flexible

    Continuous, adaptive control without mechanical constraints

    Mainspring’s linear generator technology continuously adjusts compression and expansion, allowing it to dynamically adjust for varying fuel quality and different types of fuels, including renewable fuels such as biogas, green ammonia, and green hydrogen.

  • Fully Dispatchable

    Load tracking, fast on/off, black start, and islanding

    Mainspring’s linear generators match power output with building demand while integrating with onsite solar and energy storage, enabling the continued rapid adoption of renewables. In addition, Mainspring’s technology provides power when the grid is down, making it the ideal backbone of any renewable microgrid.

  • Low Capital & Maintenance Costs

    Standard materials, only two moving parts, and no oil

    Mainspring’s linear generator is made out of standard materials with only two moving parts and operates without the use of oil or expensive fuel cell catalysts or complex engine mechanical systems — resulting in low capital and maintenance costs.

  • Turn-Key Packaging

    Built-in grid-tie inverters and auxiliaries

    Mainspring’s linear generator products combine grid-tie inverters and auxiliaries into turn-key packages for fast and simple installation. Designed for commercial businesses, Mainspring's first product is packaged in a standard 20’ container.

The Linear Generator Core

The Mainspring Linear Generator – distinct from an engine, microturbine, or fuel cell – directly converts motion along a straight line into electricity using chemical energy.

At the heart of our product is the linear generator core. Our first product features two cores in each package, working in tandem.

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Technical Resources

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