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Superior Power Generation for Biogas Projects

Best-in-class low total cost of ownership increases top line revenue with high efficiency, clean power generation

A Full Solutions Offering For Biogas to Power

MonetizationDriving economic value
  1. Maximize electricity income
  2. Generate eLCFS credits and eRINs
  3. Obtain all incentives (ITC, SGIP, etc.)
EmissionsAchieving low NOx
  1. Lower NOx emissions
  2. Comply with the most stringent regulations
  3. Increase compliance control and predictability
SpeedPowering sites faster than utility
  1. Faster power than waiting on utility interconnection
  2. Ideal for RNG upgraders that can't get power
  3. Clean resilience following utility interconnection
ResilienceMaintaining business operations
  1. Reduce business impacts due to grid outages
  2. Reduce inventory or productivity losses
  3. Resilience with revenue generation

“The linear generator is an important component of our Climate Change Mitigation Plan. The addition of this Mainspring unit to our wastewater treatment plant will help us meet our clean energy goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create operational efficiencies.”

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Tim Healy

General Manager

Napa Sanitation District


Mainspring customers are achieving fast deployment of new capacity, cost savings, reduced emissions, increased resilience, and other essential benefits.

Delivering Value Across Biogas Feedstocks

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“We are excited to partner with Mainspring and continue to demonstrate production of renewable electricity using a new and innovative technology that has the potential to increase efficiency of electricity production and reduce air emissions.”

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Ramin Yazdani
Director of Integrated Waste Management (former)
Yolo County, California

Significantly Lighter Cleanup Requirements When Compared With Fuel Cells

  1. Mainspring’s biogas input composition requirements are much lighter than those of RNG in all steps of the cleanup process
  2. As a result, depending on the project size, the cost of biogas cleanup can be up to 70% lower with Mainspring than with a typical fuel cell project.
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Dispatchability Captures Value Across Seasons

The full dispatchability of Mainspring's technology allows the products to ramp up and down with biogas production levels. In contrast to baseload-only fuel cell technology, this maximizes production and revenue potential and reduces the need for flaring throughout the year.

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Incentive Eligibility

Mainspring Linear Generators are ITC eligible

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 specifies linear generators as eligible for the 30% investment tax credit within the definition of fuel cells in Section 48 of the Federal Tax Code.

Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

California customers using biogas to power onsite operations through linear generators may qualify for state funding from the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP).