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Mainspring Generator

Any Fuel, Any Scale, Anytime, Anywhere

The Mainspring Linear Generator delivers unmatched flexibility for the grid transition, including the ability to switch between fuels like hydrogen, ammonia, and biogas with software, and quickly track and firm renewables with its full dispatchability. Whether deployed as a single unit or as a grid-scale array, the technology is easy to permit and interconnect in any jurisdiction, allowing for broad impact across a wide range of use cases on both sides of the meter.

Markets & Applications

The unmatched combination of low cost and low emissions combined with high efficiency, fuel flexibility, and full dispatchability make the Mainspring Linear Generator the ideal choice for customers looking for clean and reliable power for the zero carbon future.
Mainspring products and inverters are UL listed, streamlining the permitting and interconnection processes while firming intermittent renewables.

Powering Energy Project Success

Our case studies highlight innovative commercial deployments and demonstrate how customers are achieving fast deployment of new capacity, cost savings, reduced emissions, increased resilience, and other key benefits.

Purchase Options

We currently offer customers two purchase options to realize the benefits of Mainspring’s Linear Generators — direct capital purchase or a financed solution such as an Energy Services Agreement / Power Purchase Agreement. Both options come with a Mainspring-supported Maintenance Agreement.

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Direct Purchase

Customers looking to maximize cost savings and return on investment can directly purchase and own a Linear Generator. Mainspring works with customers to facilitate the installation, providing installation support or delivering full turn-key projects.

Energy Services Agreement

Mainspring has partnered with NextEra Energy Resources to provide customers a financed option for turn-key linear generator projects. With this option, customers can realize immediate benefits of Mainspring systems with no upfront costs.

Product Specifications

Utility-scale Performance for Any Project Size

    Easy, Modular Installation

    High Availability, Low Maintenance

    Up to 25 MW / Acre Scalability

Each base package contains two linear generator cores, operating in tandem

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Illustration of Mainspring Generator
  • Outputs

    400/480 V, 3 Phase,
    50/60 Hz
    Large-scale projects:
    >1.5 MW, net AC
    External inverters
    Base package:
    250 kW, net AC
    Internal inverters

  • Inputs

    Any blend of Biogas (1), Natural Gas, Hydrogen, and Propane
    5-15 psig (10 psig nominal) input pressure
    No water

  • Performance

    46% efficiency, net AC (2)
    Load tracking
    Zero to full power

  • Emissions

    NOx < 2.5 ppmvd (3)
    Sound < 70 dBA @ 6 ft

  • Physical

    Large-scale projects:
    Up to 25 MW/acre
    Base package:
    20.5’ x 8.5’ x 9.5’ (L,W,H)

  • Other

    UL 2200 package
    UL 1741 SB grid-tie inverter
    Remote monitoring

1. Relative humidity: <70%; Sulfur: < 50 ppmvd; Siloxanes: < 100 ppbvd; Oxygen and nitrogen: no limitations
2. Measured according to ASME PTC 50 at 15 C and 1 atm
3. Products comply with emissions limits in South Coast AQMD


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