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Fast, Low-cost, Clean Power for EV Fleet Operators

The Mainspring Linear Generator delivers an unmatched level of flexibility and performance for fleet operators looking to rapidly deploy EV charging infrastructure that is resilient, sustainable, and low cost.  Its low emissions, ease of permitting, and dynamic fuel flexibility save time, cost, and carbon today and accelerate the transition to the net-zero carbon electric grid.

Full Control With Onsite Power Generation

SpeedControl your speed of deployment

Multi megawatt charging infrastructure operational in months, not years.

ResilienceEnsure power availability

Protect core business operations from grid outages and delays.

CostSave cost and mitigate risk

Mitigate risks of unpredictable utility rate increases.

EmissionsReduce and control emissions

Reduce or eliminate Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Energy Project Success & Resources

Mainspring customers are achieving fast deployment of new capacity, cost savings, reduced emissions, increased resilience, and other essential benefits.

Rapidly Deployed, Scalable Onsite Generation Serves As Prime Power

Fast to Deploy
Multi-megawatt charging infrastructure can be up and running in months – not years.

Low Cost
Competitive capital cost and industry-leading low O&M lead to best-in-class total cost of ownership.

Near-zero NOx and flexibility to run clean fuels help drive emission reduction and decarbonization strategies.

Rendering of a 9 MW EV truck fleet charging depot (courtesy of Prologis Inc.)

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Flexible Generation Delivers Local Power, Resilience, And Cost Savings

Fast to Deploy
Use existing gas lines to quickly add power and supplement the rest of your power strategy.

Low Cost
Operate when grid rates are high. Integrate with solar and storage to maximize power strategy.

Transition seamlessly without retrofit from pipeline gas to hydrogen, renewable gas, or ammonia.

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Onsite Generation Operates Islanded With Near-Zero NOx Emissions

Fast to Deploy
Relocatable onsite generation delivered on standard flatbed truck.

Low Cost
Avoid stranded assets with a resource capable of delivering more than just backup.

Onsite generation operates islanded with near-zero NOx emissions.

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"This clean-fleet charging site is the first and largest of its kind in the world. Hydrogen-ready today, it offers a new model for substantially reducing emissions. It establishes a new, rapid, and resilient way forward and a model for clean charging of electric vehicles anywhere.”

JT Steenkamp

Director of Infrastructure Projects & Technology


A Clear Pathway to Zero or Negative Emissions


Breakthrough Technology

High Efficiency

Direct conversion of linear motion into electricity.

Fully Dispatchable

Load-tracking, fast on/off, black start, and islanding

Fuel Flexible

Natural gas, biogas, and hydrogen.

Turnkey Packaging

Built-in grid tie inverters and auxiliaries.

Near-Zero NOx

Low temperature reaction without a flame.