Company | Mainspring Energy

Driven by a vision of the affordable, reliable, net-zero carbon grid of the future

Mainspring was founded in 2010 by three Stanford engineers seeking a new approach to generating clean, resilient, affordable electricity. Their research into high-efficiency methods of converting fuel to electricity led to the founding of the company and the development and prototype of their first linear generator. They also built a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Today Mainspring brings together a diverse, talented team of individuals who share the vision to address the growing threat of climate change and the need for affordable electricity for all. Our executive team brings deep expertise from leading clean energy companies and is backed by top-tier venture, strategic, and financial investors.

Core Values

  • Pragmatic Optimism

    Building a new category of world-class power generation requires the optimism of ambition and creativity, balanced with practicality to solve problems efficiently. The challenges that arise are opportunities for growth.

  • Excellence Without Ego

    We bring expertise and commitment to creating the best customer experience, from sales to deployment and service, just as we apply deep technical rigor to building and delivering world-class products. We strive for excellence and behave as leaders with the humility to acknowledge our challenges, both collectively and as individual contributors.

  • Proactive Collaboration

    The integration and cross-disciplinary nature of Mainspring’s business requires intentionally seeking out others who bring different skills, perspectives, and priorities. Our culture of inclusion and respect extends beyond our team to interactions with our partners and customers.


  • Shannon Miller

    Shannon Miller

    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

  • Matt Svrcek

    Matt Svrcek

    Chief Technology Officer & Founder

  • Adam Simpson

    Adam Simpson

    Chief Commercial Officer & Founder

  • David DeGraaff

    David DeGraaff

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Gary Larsen

    Gary Larsen

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Maria Amundson

    Maria Amundson

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Haben Goitom

    Haben Goitom

    General Counsel


  • Khosla Ventures
  • Bill Gates
  • ClearSky Ventures
  • American Electric Power
  • KCK
  • Centrica Energy
  • Equinor Ventures
  • Louis Moore Bacon